Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Foto Model Seksi Indonesia Emma Kurnia

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Emma Kurnia Want Serious in the World Model

A football player was suddenly able to become a movie star. However, emerging artists Emma Kurnia is a bit different. She claimed to only want to be a model, and it also is added one condition: without justifies any means.

"I just want to get serious in the modeling world, but that does not mean have to justify all sorts of ways dong to accept the role and shooting the vulgar," she told after a photocall.

Beautiful girl of mixed blood of Indonesia and Japan, started her career as a model by mistake. Starting from the hobby who liked the photographs, and published it on his Facebook account, that dream became reality. Emma Kurnia has long harbored a desire to pursue professional model.

Girl born in Jakarta, July 17, 1987 was very pleased to take pictures and "narcissistic" in various poses. From the photographs that he displayed on shooting up that's different offers come to girl. Ranging from automotive tabloids, magazines adult men, up to bid to become models of video clips and advertising an automotive product.

Despite claims just want to get serious in the world model, it does not mean she did not want to spread its wings into the acting world. She also had a couple of times to get an offer to play soap operas and movies. Various acting bid for several television movies have also been frequently approached. However, she largely rejected for one reason or another.

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