Friday, January 13, 2012

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Diana Danielle

Today, Malaysia entertainment industry is full of young entertainers so that this article will discuss about diana danielle, a famous actress there. It can be seen how many actress, actor, singer, presenter, and so forth who comes from the young. It can be a fresh idea which is needed by Malaysia entertainment field so that the existence can be higher and more various than before. Among a long list of famous young entertainers from Malaysia, Diana Danielle is the sexiest one.

Diana Danielle Sexy Photo

Diana Danielle Diana Danielle Diana Danielle Diana Danielle Diana Danielle Diana Danielle Diana Danielle Diana Danielle Diana Danielle 

Diana Danielle Movies

Diana Danielle is a famous actress in Malaysia. Her popularity is because a long list of her movie and dramas. In addition, she is also famous because of her sexy body. At some events, she looks so sexy and beautiful. Moreover, this Malaysian-American actress is smart to choose the best clothing for her.

She was born in New York city on 22 November 1991 with her full name, diana danielle danny beeson. Afterwards, she was growth up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During her career in entertainment field, she has played in many dramas such as Idola (2002), Evolusi KL Drift (2008), Setem (2009), Maut (2009), Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam (2009), Kecoh Betul (2009), Magika (2009), Dalam Botol (2011), and Hanyut (2011).

Biodata Diana Danielle

Full Name: Diana Danielle Danny Beeson
Day of Birth: Houston, November 22th 1991
Starrred Ads: Lampin Merries, Milo, Telekom Malaysia (TM), Hazeline Snow and Fair & Lovely
Drama: Air Mata Maria, Janji Diana, Gol & Gincu The Series dan Farah Syakirah